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Marvin Windows Reviews

Explore Marvin windows reviews on their Integrity, Infinity, Ultimate window lines, as well as their overall customer service. Read the opinions of contractors, installers, homeowners and industry experts as they weigh in on the pros and cons of this manufacturer.

Marvin Integrity Window Reviews

I've installed a ton of the Integrity, which is a very nice looking window, good glass, solid construction for the most part. The unit seems well built although the mounting flange isn't a solid as I'd prefer. It is nowhere near as sturdy as most of the aluminum windows I install. So it's unclear whether this could cause problems in the future, but I haven't heard any complaints from others installers so maybe it's no big deal. The Integrity is priced well for what you get, although I'm a bit so-so that there aren't all that many options on the model. Not all my customers have been able to use them because of this.

Denny - Window Contractor - from 2010

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Marvin Infinity Window Reviews

Over the years, I've done jobs using Marvin Infinity and Milgard Ultra and I like both brands. In the casement, I think they are equal in terms of overall quality, but I give the nod to the Infinity in the double hung. Milgard offers the better warranty but I've noticed that companies that focus on warranty tend to need it more - I'm of the opinion that the warranty is created by companies to protect themselves, not the consumer, but this may just be a general cynicism on my part. I just haven't had warranty needs with Marvin on the double hung, whereas Milgard actually pulled their DH to fix some problems, although that is now ancient history. The Infinity is a well made product and I like the look of it, espeically if a wood window is outside your price range (the Everwood on the interior of the Infinity does a decent wood impression - good enough for most anyway).

John - Installer - 2009

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Marvin Ultimate Window Reviews

My wife and I were deciding between the Pella Architecture Series and Marvin Ultimate - in the end we decided on the Ultimates for several reasons. First price - the two were relatively close but for the upgrades we wanted, the Marvins saved us like 2K on our 30 windows. Two wood and features- the Marvins uses more wood on the inside and had better features for our liking. Three customer service - we didn't get a great feeling from Pella, they missed an appointment at our house and when we visited their showroom the people working there didn't seem very knowledgeable about the product. The Marvins are installed (three months ago) and they look awesome and we haven't had any issues with them - so we feel happy about the decision.

Jason - Homeowner - from 2010

Marvin Tilt Pac Reviews

One thing about the tilt pacs is that they should only be installed on openings that are square, level and plumb. So if there are issues with the sash closing due to one of these issues, these aren't going to help you. They take more skill to measure and install, that's for sure.

They are installed differently than a standard insert. Most installers don't understand how they go in so if it were my windows I'd make sure I found someone who had installed them at least a handful of times. The tilt pacs should be installed in conjunction with a storm window (and should have a dual glaze at the least). I've replaced a lot more other company tilt pacs than Marvin's so I have to say that I think they offer the best solution on the market. One downside is that they can be a little tough to lift open and I've had complaints from shorter ladies that they are a pain.

Todd - Installer - from 2012

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