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Window Installation Costs

Explore window installation costs, which can be anywhere from $50 for simple inserts to $250 an opening for full frame installation. We will breakdown the pricing for all of the different methods of home window replacements.

Insert Installation Costs

Inserts or pocket installation is both the easiest and least expensive option for replacements. In these cases, the existing window is removed but the frame and sill is not. The replacement is then inserted into the existing opening where it must be properly shimmed and leveled in order to have the window square and plumb. The installers then seal and caulk the window in place and if the job is done correctly, the replacement looks like a brand new window. The only downside to inserts is that the homeowner does lose some of the glass area, but this is usually very minor unless the opening is small.

Install Cost: $50 - $75 per window

Standard Installation Costs

Standard installation usually involves removing the existing window along with the sills and jambs. This would mean that either the homeowner does not want to lose the glass area as with inserts or there is damage to the sills and or jambs that should be fixed to insure the window frame is structurally strong and sound. Once the sills and jambs are repaired, the installer then inserts the existing window, shims and levels it to insure it is square and plumb. The installer then seals and caulks the window in place. These jobs may also involved some interior or exterior trim work, which can be wood trim or often aluminum capping to the existing exterior trim.

Install Cost: $100 - $150 per window

Full Frame Installation Costs

Full frame installation involves removing the window, sills, jambs and frame until the installer gets to what is known as the rough opening. They will then completely reframe the window and usually add a bottom sill pan to protect the opening from any water that could get behind the window. From here, the installer will take all of the same steps as in the standard install described above. Full frame replacement is reserved for window frames with serious damage to the sills and frame.

Install Cost: $175 - $250 per window

New Construction Installation Cost

New construction installation is just that - new construction of a home or an addition or add on to an existing home. New construction involves all of the same steps as with the full frame replacement, although most builders will add flashing around the head and sides of each frame opening once they have installed the sill pan for even better moisture protection. New construction windows differ from replacements because the actual window unit comes with a nailing flange that allows the unti to be placed inside the opening and then nailed to the walls along the top and sides. This insures a very secure fit. The window is then properly caulked and sealed and the siding or cladding is then installed over this for a seamless and beautiful new home or addition.

Install Cost: $250 - $450 per window