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Marvin Infinity Reviews

Explore Marvin Infinity reviews from consumers who have purchased these windows in the past.

Marvin vs Milgard

Over the years, I've done jobs using Marvin Infinity and Milgard Ultra and I like both brands. In the casement, I think they are equal in terms of overall quality, but I give the nod to the Infinity in the double hung. Milgard offers the better warranty but I've noticed that companies that focus on warranty tend to need it more - I'm of the opinion that the warranty is created by companies to protect themselves, not the consumer, but this may just be a general cynicism on my part. I just haven't had warranty needs with Marvin on the double hung, whereas Milgard actually pulled their DH to fix some problems, although that is now ancient history. The Infinity is a well made product and I like the look of it, espeically if a wood window is outside your price range (the Everwood on the interior of the Infinity does a decent wood impression - good enough for most anyway).

John – Installer – 2009

Satisfied Customer

We have had our Infinities for over 2 years and I have to say I love the look of them. We were torn between vinyl and fiberglass, but the superior profile on the Infinity is one of the best out there and it won us over. We live in a very cold climate in the winter and we gets some minor condensation during the cold months (i believe this is pretty typical). The Ultrex interior is a little off white so this might not look right with completely white interior trim, although maybe they now have white - I'm not sure.

I believe you can paint the Ultrex, but that seemed like it would be more trouble than it's worth - although maybe if you had the Integrity with the wood interior. The windows have that nice slim profile and are super easy to clean. The Marvins were considerable more expensive than comparable vinyls windows and the cost to install was higher as well - maybe like a third more. Overall, we are quite happy with what we have.

Barry - Homeowner in Virginia - from 2011

Marvin vs Sunrise

If you compare the numbers of the Infinity to say the Sunrise Restorations, the Restorations are going to win every time. The Restoration air infiltration is .03, while the Infinity clocks in somewhere in the .20s. The U-value is also better on the high end vinyl windows as opposed to the Ultrex. I agree that the Infinity is a nice looking window, but the numbers tell a different story. I think it's fair to say that there is disagreement amongst contractors as to how the numbers look 10 years after installation, with the fiberglass proponents arguing that the numbers even out over time and the vinyl proponents saying their isn't enough data to substantiate this claim.

In the end, if looks are more important to you than performance, specifically getting a window that looks like wood with the maintenace and expense, than a window like the Infinity is going to be your best bet. I will say that the Starmark from Okna should also be considered, although you run into that bulkier frame issue.

Steven - Industry Expert - from 2011

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