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Marvin Windows And Doors is regarded by many industry experts as one of the top window manufacturers in the United States. While it is certainly true that there are Marvin windows reviews pages that include dissatisfied customers and homeowners, the majority of customers, contractors, distributors and installers feel the company makes a high quality product and offers good customer service. It should be said that this website has no affiliation with Marvin Windows And Doors - this is a consumer based site intended to provide comprehensive Marvin windows prices and information in the most objective manner possible.

Their Headquarters & Products

Marvin Windows And Doors is a U.S. based company that has offices around the nation but their two main offices are in Virginia and North Dakota. On the windows side of their business, the company has three main products; the Integrity, Infinity and Ultimate.

Integrity & Infinity

These two are fairly similar and have a fiberglass construction that they call their Ultrex. The Integrity is considered a slightly lower end model, with less bells and whistles and less options and customization available. Read more on this model and Marvin Integrity prices. The Infinity is available in a larger array of options and can be ordered as an all Utrex or as an Ultrex exterior with an Everwood interior.

Read more on this model and Marvin Infinity prices.


The Ultimate is their wood window line, which is their higher end and more expensive product. Read more on this model and Marvin Ultimate prices.

Window Styles

Since the majority of consumers and contractors talk about their window lines, we address their product lines. However, their website promotes their products according to style of window so we should list these as well. Marvin offers their three window lines in the following styles:

Double Hungs
Specialty Shapes
Round Tops
Tilt Turns

Customer Service

The company generally gets good marks on their customer service, although like any large company there are always complaints from consumers who have problems with their windows. For the most part, Marvin sells their products their distributors so the company deals with them, as opposed to directly with the customer. This can serve the customer well as long as they work with a contractor or installer who has a good relationship with Marvin.

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