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Marvin Integrity Reviews

Explore Marvin Integrity reviews to find out what contractors and homeowners think of this product.

Marvin Integrity Reviews

Very Solid Product

I've installed a ton of the Integrity, which is a very nice looking window, good glass, solid construction for the most part. The unit seems well built although the mounting flange isn't a solid as I'd prefer. It is nowhere near as sturdy as most of the aluminum windows I install. So it's unclear whether this coud cause problems in the future, but I haven't heard any complaints from others installers so maybe it's no big deal. The Integrity is priced well for what you get, although I'm a bit so-so that there aren't all that many options on the model. Not all my customers have been able to use them because of this.

Denny - Window Contractor - from 2010

Poorly Made Window

I installed Marvin Integrity double hung windows in a house about a year ago and the owner has air leaking at the point the the sashes meet. I can actually see light coming through them and it's the same with every single window (one you call a bad window, all you call faulty production). The install was good, level, plumb, square, with good sashes. On the plus side it was the owner who wanted them, I suggested other windows so there aren't any issues on my end but it does reflect poorly on me that Marvin has this cheap product. I'm still a fan of fiberglass, just not this fiberglass window. Tom - Contractor - from 2010

Impervia Or Integrity

I've had quotes for 14 Integrity casements and 14 Pella Impervia casements and the bids are basically the same in terms of pricing. I'm having a tough time deciding which is the better window (since price is equal). They both seem like good windows to me with good numbers and both look nice.

John - Homeowner in Oklahoma - from 2009

Response From Randy - Contractor

Marvin is the better window on lots of points. Design, aesthetics, warranty and quality to name a few. The company also has a better reputation in the industry, Pella is a mixed bag when it comes to customer service IMHO. I also like the Ultrex material better than the Impervia, I think it beats it on color retention and quality of the fiberglass.

Randy - Contractor - from 2009

Bad Experience

My wife and I are remodeling our house and went with the all Ultrex Integrity and it's been a bad experience. First off, they sent sashes with two different colors, sent a casement with no screen, screwed up one of the measurements that then needed to be sent back. We ordered a sliding door, which just seems flimsy to me (at $1700 no door should be flimsy). Marvin addressed the issues by offering a discounted price, but it doesn't seem like that gets to the problem, which is sloppy products.

Danny - Homeowner - from 2010

Great Window For The Price

I am building a home and our contractor wanted to put in these cheap vinyls, but I wanted a wood interior that would still be in my budget. The Integrity cost something like $320 a window, $375 installed, which was awesome. I think they are fantastic looking, especially the casement, which has a lot of interior wood for the price. They come with low-e 2 coating and argon fills - basically it's a wood window at a vinyl cost. Now let's if they hold up --

Cindy - Homeowner - from 2008

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