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Pricing By Frame

Explore replacement window pricing by frame and material type. The pricing below is an industry standard range for a normal sized window with typical installation. Of course, the range of cost is affected by many factors, including the size of the frame, the glass package, number of upgrades, window manufacturer, glass package, quality of hardware etc.


Description: Aluminum windows are much less commonly used as replacements than other materials such as vinyl or wood clad. However, they are still the most commonly used frame in commerical buildings due to their incredible strength and durability. Aluminum clad windows in the residential market are now what's called thermally broken - these allows the windows to have much better energy efficiency than the aluminum frames of old. Modern aluminum clad frames are often used in hot climates where other materials such as vinyl may not be able to stand up to the extreme temperatures. Two popular manufacturers of this material include Milgard (they offer two models) and PGT, which offers the WinGuard Impact Series.

Installed Pricing: $400 to $1,000


Description: Composite window frames are manufactured using a variety of materials that are proprietary for each company. Typically, they are a mix of wood products and vinyl. There is some debate as to how strong these frames are and, like most products, the answer varies from product to product. Composites do have some nice features such as a nice variety of color and finish options. Two of the most popular composite frames on the market are the Andersen Fibrex and the Okna Starmark composite.

Installed Pricing: $250 to $700


Description: Fiberglass windows are strong and durable and are available in a wide variety of colors and finish options. They are more expensive than their vinyl counterparts, although there is debate whether they are able to match the energy efficiency qualities of high end vinyl. Proponents of fiberglass would contend that over time they are able to maintain their energy efficiency better than vinyl. There are many window manufacturers that make a fiberglass frame, although similar to the composites, each company uses a trademarked name for their unique material mix of fiberglass. One of the most popular examples of this frame in the Infinity by Marvin.

Installed Pricing: $400 to $1,00


Description: Vinyl windows account for over half of the replacement market and for good reason. They are plentiful, affordable and work well. There is a pretty big range of prices for vinyl frames, with many low end products being of questionable quality and high end products offering some of the best energy efficiency numbers available. Most homeowners can get by with a nice mid range window series from a quality manufacturer as long as they make sure to get good quality installation. Three quality vinyl manufacturers include Amerimax, Okna and Sunrise.

Installed Pricing: $200 to $750

Wood Clad

Description: Wood clad windows are hands down the best looking options out there. The exterior cladding is either an aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl and the interior is a real wood or sometimes a wood veneer. Manufacturers offer different wood species - for instance, Loewen windows offers their wood windows in either a Douglas Fir or Mahogany. These frames aren't for all homeowners though as they can get expensive very quickly and they require staining and/or painting to protect and preserve the wood over time. Two well repsected wood manufacturers include Kolbe and Andersen Windows.

Installed Pricing: $400 to $1,200