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Marvin Tilt Pac Reviews

Explore all of our Marvin tilt pac reviews to get a better understanding if this product is right for your project. This replacement option is where the installer takes out the old sashes and replaces them, preserving the overall look of the window. While the homeowner will lose some of the visible glass area, it will be much less than with a replacement window.

Marvin Tilt Pac Reviews

One thing about the tilt pacs is that they should only be installed on openings that are square, level and plumb. So if there are issues with the sash closing due to one of these issues, these aren't going to help you. They take more skill to measure and install, that's for sure.

They are installed differently than a standard insert. Most installers don't understand how they go in so if it were my windows I'd make sure I found someone who had installed them at least a handful of times. The tilt pacs should be installed in conjunction with a storm window (and should have a dual glaze at the least). I've replaced a lot more other company tilt pacs than Marvin's so I have to say that I think they offer the best solution on the market. One downside is that they can be a little tough to lift open and I've had complaints from shorter ladies that they are a pain.

Todd - Installer - from 2012

Marvin Tilt-Pac Reviews

I know some people like them, but I'm not impressed with most of the installs I've seen. I have done a few, but I don't think they make much sense. Unless the installation is perfect over time they are going to be misaligned and not open very well. Too many independent parts. A much more sensible solution is a replacement unit. I suppose the only scenario I could see is if your budget was really low and you had to have wood windows. Just my two cents - if that :)

Don - Installer - from 2010

Marvin Tilt-Pac Reviews

I've worked on a number of Marvin tilt pack projects. They definitely don't work correctly if the opening isn't square. For these scenarios, I've gone with the boxed "ultimate" option, which is similar to a Marvin replacement window. I would strongly advise against the aluminum clad sash (especially if the opening isn't perfectly square) because a wood sah can be plained down for a better fit.

When the openings are nice and square, they are actually very easy to put in and from a contractor perspective they are a great money maker. The only issue is how tight they fit, I've had customers call back and say they broke one of the sashes trying to clean them. Marvin was good about the whole thing and replaced the sash for free.

Jason - Contractor - from 2009

Marvin Tilt Pack Review

I'm not a huge fan of the tilt pacs, especially when you can simply put in a double hung or casement insert. These are much better options long term within the Marvin family of products. Sure the tilt pac is cheaper but for not much more you can always go with a JW Siteline or Lincoln sash replacement kit. I believe Milgard now has an insert on their Essence that is a wood clad with an exterior fiberglass - I'm not sure about the price on this option.

Billy - Contractor - from 2008

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